I have had some questions on pronunciation for the Welsh names and words. This is somewhat difficult to put in the book so I have created a link and pronunciations as best I could.


Cymru (Wales) kum-ree

Tanwen (Fire blessed) tahn-wen (Fire’s daughter)

Rhiannon (The White Mare Goddess) rhee-ahn-on

Arianrhod (Moon Goddess) ah-ree-ahn-rhod

Arallfyd (Otherworld) ar-ash-vuhd

Myrddin (Merlin) muhr-thin (the th is pronounced th as in that)

Nimue (Lady of the lake) nim-ee-eh

Caledfwlch (Excalibur) caled-voolch (ch pronounced as in German ach)

Briallu (Primrose) bree-ah-shee (Earth’s daughter)

Alaw (melodious river) allow (Water’s daughter)

Awela (Breeze) ah-well-ah (Air’s daughter)

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