For my Hometown, Chardon!

~Chardon Living Memorial Park~

          It’s time… to remember that tragedy nurtures the good in all of us.

     The Chardon Living Memorial Park was conceived by a community of supporters that suffered a tragedy and wanted to give something back to the survivors and the community.

     On February 27, 2012, a school shooting occurred which resulted in children that lost their lives, families that lost loved ones, friends that lost schoolmates. A tragedy that redefined what was normal for a small community.

     Concerned citizens have bonded together to provide a historic record, honor the innocent victims and deliver a message of hope for generations to come. This park is designed to provide a place for reflection and create spiritual awareness. The effort is to upgrade a walking trail, create an outdoor fitness area and a children’s playground complete with commemoration plaques and a welcoming statue.

~Please help us fund this honorable project.~



Help Tia burst the bubble.

Tia is a courageous seven year old who has primary immunodeficiency disease.

Because of her toll receptor deficiency , she has to get ivig transfusions every 2 weeks and for her the common cold can hospitalized her. She endures excruciating stomach pain almost daily and despite everything is a bright and bubbly little girl.


Please help Tia burst the bubble on primary immunodeficiency disease and if you can donate please do so. Thank you so much on behalf of Tia.

Click the link above to like her page and if you can donate please do so.