Zombie dust-bunnies

I was putting my six year old son to bed the other night and after a few minutes he yells, “Mommy!”
I’m in the next room writing and I call back, “What?”
He yells, “I’m scared.”
“What are you scared of? I’m right here,” is my response.
He comes back with, “I’m scared of the underside of my bed.”
Now I get up and walk the ten or so feet to his bedroom, (that’s how close our rooms are) and I ask, “Why are you afraid of the underside of your bed? What do you think could possibly be under there?”
My son looks me in the eye and very seriously says, “Zombie dust-bunnies.”
“Really?” I am now laughing so hard tears are coming out.

I came up with an idea right then. He hates to read and the sight word books I have found so far, according to him are, “So boring.” So I decided to write a zombie dust-bunny sight word book. It was the first book he actually read, all the way through.

Amazing! He can read! It is astonishing what can happen when you cater to the individual child and their interests.