Kindle Vella Stories

The Trifecta: A humor/romcom story that follows three best friends through their humorous adventures.

Reign of Atlantis: A Prequel: A story following a young girl and her older cousin, set in an alternate reality where Atlantis rules with an iron fist with steampunk elements.

Nephilim Rising: A story about a witch who runs into the one creature she can’t handle, Nephilim.

Death’s Heir: A story following a young woman who, for most of her life, has avoided the fact that she can see ghosts, but the time has come when she can’t ignore them anymore.

13 Days of Halloween Haunts: Series One : Do you like ghost stories? Are you an amateur ghost hunter? Follow me on an adventure through 13 haunted places in the US that you can actually visit. Determine for yourself if the ghost stories are real.