Kindle Vellas

If you are an avid reader, check out Amazon’s Kindle Vella Platform.

If you like Scifi/Steampunk, check out: Reign of Atlantis

In an alternate reality where Atlantis never sank, the people of the underground are oppressed by Atlantean rule, left with the steam-powered crystal tech of a bygone era. Sparks, a young elite female, is fighting this reign with her very being. Now that her older cousin, Gage, has joined the elite Atlantean Nasaru guard, can Sparks keep her secret from him? The person who is closest to her? Will the underground forever be stuck in the steam-powered past?

If you like Paranormal/Nephilim Fantasy, check out: Nephilim Rising

Kira is a witch, and like all Paras, she grew up hearing about the boogeymen of the paranormal world, the Nephilim. The gatekeepers between the human world and the paranormal world. Legend states that long ago, they took it upon themselves to be the guardians of the human world, protecting humans from Paras and keeping the vast human population from discovering the paranormal world hidden in plain sight. But the Nephilim are just a legend, a myth, invented to scare young Paras, right?

If you like Paranormal Romance, check out: Death’s Heir

Lady Clarissa Drake can see ghosts, an ability that landed her mother in an insane asylum. To escape the stigma of her mother’s shame, she travels to America to meet her hopeful intended, but things don’t go according to plan when the ghost of his bastard half-brother’s mother shows up and forces her to confront her gift.

If you like Sitcom/Romcom’s, check out: The Trifecta

Three best friends embark on hilarious, heartfelt adventures. Follow Sage- the ginger artist, Jody- the brunette blackbelt, and Trish- the blonde attorney on their sisterhood adventures through life.

If you like Ghost Stories, check out: 13 Days of Halloween Haunts

Do you like ghost stories? Are you an amateur ghost hunter? Follow me on an adventure through 13 haunted places in the US that you can actually visit. Determine for yourself if the ghost stories are real.

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