I have to say …

As a conservative liberal, democratic republican with an independent mind, I have been asked by some, why do I like Amanda Palmer? The question is usually asked in a disgusted way. So …

Dear disgusted persons,
I ask you, have you seen the Tedx, The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer? No? Well if you had, and had the capacity to understand it, not only would you not ask me that question, but you would be ashamed that you did.
Amanda Palmer is a beautiful person, an amazing artist along with a powerful feminist. Her revolutionary ideas are brilliant and if you are ignorant enough to only focus on armpit hair or nudity then you don’t get it, and I feel sorry for you. I believe our world needs more brave artist like Amanda Palmer.
So, to Amanda I say thank you. Thank you for your brilliant insights, your amazing talents, your steadfast courage in the face of adversity but most important for your outstanding compassion. Because the world needs more compassion.

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