Unearthly Trilogy

Her review makes me want to read this!

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Unearthly tells the story of Clara Gardner, a teenager who has learned that she, her brother Jeffrey and her mother are part angel—known as angel-bloods. Clara’s hybrid status grants her various superhuman abilities, and also gives her an undiscovered purpose to fulfill. After dreaming of a young man and a forest fire, Clara eventually meets and watches over Christian Prescott, the boy in her visions. She also befriends a brooding angel-blood named Angela Zerbino, a spunky girl named Wendy Avery, and Wendy’s brother Tucker Avery. As the story progresses, Clara becomes romantically drawn to both Christian and Tucker, learns of a conflict with fallen angels, and tries to discover her purpose on Earth. While trying to deal with the loss of her mother and trying to keep the seccret of the special role Clara has as one of the only seven triplares in the world. Which means Clara…

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