On writing….

I’ve had a few people ask for advice on writing, they want to write a book, or short story and don’t know how to go about it. My advice first and foremost is learn the mechanics of writing a story. This is so different from writing term papers. The publishing industry has so many rules, learn them, this will save you time and aggravation, trust me. Things like sentence variation, show vs tell and many other rules. Writers Digest is an amazing tool for aspiring writers, as is YouTube. There are so many free tools out there for writers. Type, free tools for writing, in YouTube and you’ll find thousands, use them, they’re free.

I wish you inspiration and creativity, till next time.

The Elementals: Earth

The Elementals Earth

     Sera finally freed Adam–her soulmate–from the clutches of her archrival, Bree, while simultaneously removing the elemental threat to herself and those she loves, but something feels … off. Dreams of her mother haunt her as more secrets unravel. Sera will soon learn that not all things are what they seem and that Destiny can be cruel.